Why a Frog?

Why a Frog?

Debit and credit are widely used accounting terms, and when you smash them together, you get Drebit. Sounds an awful lot like “ribbit,” doesn’t it? So why use a frog? Why not? Drebit is a lighthearted mascot who will be sharing serious business information in an appealing Q&A format. Submit your own question and it will be answered in a future posting by Drebit – the frog that blogs.

About Drebit

Drebit is a frog born of humble beginnings in a swamp in Northeast Ohio. From the time he was a tadpole, young Drebit was a curious youngster who had a greater interest in numbers than playing frog games around the lily pads. His parents, Credit and Debit, encouraged their young son’s inquisitive mind, answering his endless questions.

As Drebit grew older, he realized that he wanted to explore the world beyond the wetlands, so he studied the finer points of accounting in college. He leapfrogged his way to the front of his class. This amphibian also became skilled in the use of technology to help get the answers he needed.

After college, our webbed-digit friend briefly worked as the mascot for a major university and officiated at a county fair and jumping frog jubilee. Wisely, Drebit skipped a state frog leg festival but was named the guest of honor at a city frog festival, where he escorted the queen and her court. Fresh from his brush with royalty, he landed a jump-on role in a princess and frog movie, which made his friends green with envy. After puddle-jumping his way around the country, however, Drebit longed to return to his childhood swamp and his beloved numbers.

With the opportunity to become a frog that blogs, he jumped at the chance to join Rea & Associates. Here, he poses your questions to our accounting team. No matter what the question, Drebit makes sure our team hops to the answer to give businesses the information they need to be successful.

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