What’s The IRS Up To During The Government Shutdown?

Christopher Axene | October 1st, 2013

We’ve read for weeks that a government shutdown was possible, but at 12 a.m. this morning, it happened. It has been 17 years since the last government shutdown, and you, along with the rest of the American people, are probably wondering how the shutdown will impact their lives. Fortunately, last week the Internal Revenue Service published “FY 2014 Shutdown Contingency Plan (During Lapsed Appropriations) Non-Filing Season,” a set of guidelines that explains what will go on at the IRS during a shutdown. 

Ongoing IRS Activities During Shutdown

Specifically, this document outlines the IRS activity that will and will not take place during the first five businesses days of a government shutdown. Among the activities that will continue are:

  • Processing of tax returns that include remittances
  • Processing of electronic tax returns
  • Protection of statute expiration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liens and seizure cases
  • Maintaining criminal law enforcement and undercover operations

How Does The Government Shutdown Affect You and Your Taxes?

Unfortunately, the IRS’s government shutdown plan calls for a temporary furlough of the majority of its workforce – only 8,752 IRS workers (of the 94,516 employees) will remain on the job during the shutdown. With such a drastic decrease in workforce during this period, what does this mean for you and your access to this important government agency?

  1. You will still have to pay any taxes that you have due. There’s an Oct. 15 extended filing deadline fast approaching, and yes, you still are required to submit your filings by that date. None of the filing deadlines are going away… they’re all still in effect through the shutdown.
  2. If you’re due a tax refund, don’t expect to get it until after the government reopens. No tax refunds will be sent out during the shutdown.
  3. If you need assistance with your taxes, you won’t be able to reach anyone at the IRS for help.

Federal and State Tax Help

If you’re concerned about how you might be impacted by the government shutdown in regards to your taxes, contact Rea & Associates. Our team of Ohio tax professionals stands ready to answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction. The government may have shutdown, but our doors are wide open!

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