How Does the Proposed Ohio Budget Impact Your Business?

Don McIntosh | March 27th, 2013

Governor Kasich’s proposed budget, Ohio H.B. 59, shifts around Ohio’s tax burden. Limiting commercial activity tax and eliminating the estate tax, the bill initially seems like a boon to business owners. But, the truth is a little more complicated.

What does the new budget mean for your business? The Ohio Society of CPAs asked me to explain. Watch this two minute video to understand what H.B. 59 means for you, your business, and the state.

Ohio Business Tax Help

Do you have questions about your Ohio taxes? Not sure how this budget could impact your business and its tax plan? Contact Rea & Associates. Our Ohio tax professionals will help you to develop a plan to take advantage of the opportunities — and minimize the risks! — presented by Ohio’s proposed tax plan.

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