How Do You Motivate Your Employees in 2013?

Tom Jeffries | February 28th, 2013

Many analysts say that 2013 is the year for jobs – meaning that hiring businesses are going to be going after your employees. Are you sure that you’re doing everything you can to hang onto your talent? How do you plan to motivate your team?

Money is a motivator and you should offer competitive compensation, yes, but compensation is consistently not in the top three when employees list what’s most important to them in their job. Instead, focus on these items to help take care of and hold on to your employees this year.

Be flexible. Not all businesses have the luxury of being able to provide workplace flexibility, but if you can, offer your employees flexible hours or the option to work remotely when needed. In the ever-changing marketplace, employees expect workplace flexibility, and it’s been proven that flexibility increases employee motivation to do a good job and get the work done. Employees appreciate that they are being treated with respect and like adults.

Communicate. Never stop communicating to your employees. A workplace without communication is a breeding ground for rumors and a possibly a dissatisfied workforce. Communication can be as informal as a brief “good job” comment or as formal as a team-wide conversation on how things are going at work. Communication can also be in the form of regular performance evaluations or opportunities for improvement discussions.

Eliminate negative attitudes. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Negativity is contagious and can have a powerful effect on your business. Stop negative conversations and certainly don’t participate in them. Employees need to know that this behavior is unacceptable.

No two employees are alike and what is important to one person may not be important to another. Increased morale and productivity leads to a more engaged workforce and healthier profits for your business. There is no one secret or idea that will magically take care of all of your employees. It takes a little time, effort and a few good ideas to keep employees motivated and productive.

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As a business owner, you’ve got many things competing for your attention. With emergencies cropping up every day and customers and vendors crying for their demands to be met, it can be hard to focus on your employees. But your employees are the heart of your business – you’ve got to find a way to make time for them, to motivate them, and to help them be their best. How do you make time for your employees?  Prevent those other emergencies before they start. Exceed customer and vendor expectations from the get go and prevent time consuming complaints later. Getting your house in order makes good business sense and gives you the time needed to be a good manager and mentor.  Need help streamlining your business processes?  Contact Rea & Associates.  Our team of experienced Ohio business advisors can help you improve your operations to improve efficiency, cash flow, and morale.

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