How Do You File for Ohio General Tax Amnesty?

Joe Popp | April 30th, 2012

Ohio’s General Tax Amnesty program kicks off tomorrow, but a lot of individuals and businesses don’t know how to participate in it.  That’s a shame, because it’s been 3 years since the last general amnesty for businesses and 6 years since the last amnesty for individual taxpayers.

Under the program, the Ohio Department of Taxation will forgive the penalty and one-half of the interest charges when taxpayers own up to various types of delinquent tax obligations.  Sounds pretty great, right?  But, like all good deals, General Tax Amnesty is a limited time offer, running May 1, 2012 through June 15, 2012.

So, how do you participate?  The first step is that you need to make sure that you’re a registered tax payer.  You can register your business at  Until you do that, do not pass Go, although presumably the Department of Taxation will still accept your $200…

Once your business is a registered taxpayer, the process of filing for General Tax Amnesty is very simple.  First get out your tax folder and any previous year tax returns (or prepare them if you haven’t done so yet).  Then download the appropriate amnesty application (there are different ones for different tax types) from the Department of Taxation’s Amnesty website.  As far as tax forms go, the applications are very straightforward.

The forms basically request your identifying information and then they provide a space to report the tax periods and forms that you are reporting.  You might think of it as the executive summary page that goes on top of all your old returns. One point of advice: if you’re filing on behalf of your business, make sure to write your business’ federal identification number (rather than your personal Social Security number) in the top box.  Another trap for the unwary – if you are filing some years with refunds and some years you owe, you cannot net the two.  Refunds are issued separately.

The Amnesty website has instructions on how to fill out the forms and how to calculate interest.  Note that the submission is entirely paper based, even if you are otherwise required to file taxes in Ohio electronically, you must complete the amnesty application and copies of past tax returns in paper form and mail it in.  You’ll need to mail a check, money order, or cashier’s check (made out to the Ohio Treasurer of State) with your application as well…no partial payments are allowed!

Contact Our Ohio Tax Professionals

Do you have outstanding delinquencies on any Ohio taxes?  Worried about your complicated situation and want professional help filing for amnesty?  Our Ohio tax professionals can review your situation and help you apply for amnesty for all of your delinquent taxes.  But the clock’s ticking… Contact Rea & Associates (soon!) to get started.

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