What delights your customers?

Kyle Stemple | March 1st, 2011

Ask any kid where he or she wants to go on vacation. Most, without hesitation, would say Disney World. (The same goes for a number of adults, too.) Disney World isn’t just an amusement park – it’s a place to escape and enter into a different world. A magical world full of fun and experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

What has Disney done to foster this brand experience? Obviously, they’ve been working on it for decades, but what keeps people, young and old, coming back year after year?  The answer is simple – they continue to delight their customers with a magical experience.

No Worries

From the moment you step off the plane, you’ll be whisked away on a Disney Magical Express bus with no worries about your luggage or running through the airport.  When you arrive at your Disney lodging property, you are treated like royalty by the characters, not employees, who make sure you have an incredible experience. And this is before you even step foot into a theme park! Getting there – through the integrated transport system by water and road – is half the fun.

At the park, you and your kids enter a faraway world full of entertaining characters. Even the snack stands provide exceptional service. And when you’re ready to head home, you once again board the Magical Express bus. That’s when the amazingly well-timed DVD movie encourages you to instantly book your next trip. They’ve set the hook and we’re on the line – we will be coming back.

We can learn a lot from what Disney is doing extraordinary well. And not just what they do to please kids, but how they make the experience just as rewarding for adults. 

The Power of Customer Delighters

Lean is about understanding the voice of the customer, both internal and external, and then developing your processes around that understanding to maximize value and minimize waste. You should continuously re-evaluate your services and processes to deliver value.

Clients view your services from three vantage points. Start by identifying the services you provide in each of these areas:

  • · Basic services – services taken for granted by your customers. Since they are expected, they don’t do much to satisfy your customers.
  • · Performance services – services providing the primary results your customers are expecting.  When your customers receive the benefit from these services, they are satisfied. When they don’t, you’ll have unhappy customers.
  • · Delighter services – what you do to “wow” your customers. It’s what separates you from your competitors. Just a little of this, which could be an unexpected element of your service, and you are already at a high level of customer satisfaction.

You can’t understand the voice of the customer until you understand how your services are viewed by your customers. Disney obviously has tremendous processes in place while giving “characters” some flexibility to delight customers. That should be your goal, too. So what do you do to delight your customers?  Are your processes set-up in a way to effectively enable your company to deliver this kind of experience to your customers? It is possible to tailor your processes or adopt new ones that allow you to better serve your customers.

Create an Experience for Clients

Disney’s delighter services highlighted above are what create that “magical” experience. You too can create a world-class experience for your customers. Set the hook to keep them coming back year after year. How? By listening to the voice of your customer and continuously improving your processes and services so you can continue to delight.

Let your competitors be like every other theme park out there. Strive to be like Disney.

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