What are the 12 qualities you want from your accountant?

Don McIntosh | April 26th, 2012

When you’re looking to hire an accountant, what qualities should you consider? Sure there’s technical acumen, but that’s a given. What other qualities are important in developing a long-term business relationship?

Recently, a client wrote a blog post on this very topic. Completely unbeknownst to anyone at Rea, he wrote about our very own Mike Taylor, and how Mike exemplifies all 12 of the quantities he wants in an accountant.

According to the client, the top 12 qualities your accountant should have are:

  • Recognition that it’s not a popularity contest
  • Genuine care about his or her clients
  • The wisdom of experience and the knowledge of new developments
  • Authoritative communication and bravery to ask the hard questions
  • Commitment to his or her clients’ long-term success
  • Experience helping clients plan for succession
  • A foundation of strong relationships that can’t be broken by the newest pitch on the market
  • An understanding of bankers and their rules of engagement
  • A heart
  • A backbone
  • Interests outside of the office
  • An understanding of the big tax picture

I’m glad to say that Mike exemplifies all of these qualities – his ability to blend technical skill with interpersonal competence is what makes him a truly bright accountant.

If your business is looking to hire an accountant, look for someone like Mike. Someone who you respect as a professional and like as a person. Someone who will be part of your business team for the long haul.

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Contact Rea & Associates to set up an appointment to speak with someone like Mike. Our Ohio Accounting team is made up of bright people who blend the professional and personal skills. We’ll find the perfect person, who exemplifies all 12 qualities, to work with your business.

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