Are You Secure? Cyber Security Targets Employee Benefit Accounts

Tom Jeffries | November 3rd, 2011

In July 2011, federal solutions group RSA’s Anti-Fraud Command Center detected more than 25,000 phishing attacks, the most recorded in a one-month period.  A part of the reason: Employees are increasingly being deceived into providing personal information through their employee benefit accounts.

Fraudsters use victim’s fears and emotions to target high level employees who have significant access to personally identifiable information or funds. Your benefit plan can increase its security by:

–          Using strong authentication including more than a user name and password

–          Fraud protection services that block and shut down questionable activity

–          Verification services based on personal knowledge-based questions

–          Education and collaboration between providers, consumers and employers.

If you haven’t discussed cyber security with your benefit plan provider, consider addressing the measures above at your next meeting.

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